Postcards Came to the Cheeky Goose

Postcards Came to the Cheeky Goose

Word spread quick throughout the Cheeky Goose Café. ‘Rob’s on the phone to Postcards!’. We all waited patiently for word on why they called him. Then suddenly Rob bursts out the kitchen and into the Café arms in the air “We’re going to be on Postcards” he joyfully shouted. ‘Hooray’ we all shouted and clapped as Rob circled around the room high fiving all the customers and Cheeky Goose team. Only open 12 months and we have made it on TV so exciting.

Cheeky Goose Cafe on Postcards

The whole Cheeky Goose Café team was so thrilled and on the day of filming everyone was nervous but mainly so very proud. Presenter Lauren Phillips was such a professional, beautiful and so lovely. Taking time to chat with customers and the Owners two star stuck little boys. The whole Postcards team got to sit and relax over lunch and Rob couldn’t let them leave without trying some homemade desserts.

The day came for the program to go the air and the staff and customers gathered around the TV. Soon as the Café was mentioned a ‘roar’ went up ‘hooray’. It wasn’t a long segment but it was a memorable moment for all of us. Who would have thought something that was just a vision 12 months ago was now on TV.

Congratulations to the whole Cheeky Goose Café team. You deserve this amazing acknowledgment.

Want to check it out. Here’s the link: