Correct Knife Technique

Correct Knife Technique

Ever wondered how Chef’s managed to cut things up so fast without cutting themselves. It’s all in the technique and a lot of practice. There’s a couple tricks to perfecting the correct knife technique.

3 Ways to Correct Knife Technique

  • Firstly, you need a good knife. It needs to be balanced and sharp.
  • Second, you need to hold your produce correctly. Loose fingers equals lose a finger. So make sure you always prepare your food whilst you’re concentrating.
  • Third, Practice, practice, practice. No one became Gordon Ramsey overnight. It takes time and you too could be preparing your food like the pros. As you practice, start first in a normal cutting speed. If you think your hands have mastered the correct knife technique, then you can speed up less hurting yourself.

Watch THE QuiCk Knife Technique Tips

Here’s a quick video by our Chef Robert van den Brink to explain the correct knife technique: