Best Fried Chicken in Regional Victoria

Best Fried Chicken in Regional Victoria

Cheeky Goose Cafe Serves the Best Fried Chicken in Regional Victoria

Who doesn’t like fried chicken?

The tender, juicy and crispy treat is enjoyed around the world and regarded by many as the perfect meal. We know ours is the best fried chicken in Regional Victoria but you don’t have to take our word for it. Cheeky Goose Cafe was awarded the honour of top spot by Melbourne’s own Triple M last year! Recognized for its outstanding flavour and crispy golden coating, we take great pride in knowing that people from all around Victoria come to Phillip Island to enjoy our mouth watering fried chicken!

What Is Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is often referred to as southern fried chicken for good reason. Its origins start in the deep southern states of the USA. Dating back to the 1860s, it was a tasty and budget friendly dish that could be easily prepared at home. In days before household refrigeration was commonplace, foods like fried chicken were prized for their ability to stay fresh within their crispy, battered outer coating. This cooking technique also made them easy to transport for outdoor gatherings or communal celebrations. It wasn’t until the mid 1900s that the fast food industry realised the true potential of this universally loved food, and since then it’s become a staple on many dinner tables around Australia and the world.

What Makes Our Fried Chicken So Special?

Cheeky Goose Cafe owner and head chef, Rob van den Brink, believes that when it comes to food, it’s the connection to its surroundings and history that make it so special. Throughout our entire menu our recipes pay homage to their culinary roots while taking modern influences to truly innovate the dish. The buttermilk fried chicken we serve up to so many happy customers is a testament to exactly this philosophy. Marinated in a buttermilk bath containing our special blend of spices, the chicken is given time to absorb all the rich flavours that make southern fried chicken what it is. Always crispy and never oily, we make sure that every piece spends exactly the right amount of time in the oil to give it a perfectly cooked crust and tender inside. Served as a selection of three mouth watering pieces, our extra crispy chicken can be enjoyed with Cheeky Goose’s own house Sriracha Aioli for that extra kick!

Best Fried Chicken In Phillip Island

If you’re heading down to Phillip Island for a holiday or you’re a local looking for some good food, come visit the Cheeky Goose Cafe! With more than 220 spirits in store and a wide selection of great things to eat – including our famous fried chicken of course – you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got four spacious dining areas, an outdoor deck and licensing for up to 200 patrons. Cheeky Goose Cafe is the perfect location to celebrate with family and friends. Contact us today to make a booking or find out more information.