Cheeky Goose Cafe Crowned Best Bar in Regional Victoria by Herald Sun

Cheeky Goose Cafe Crowned Best Bar in Regional Victoria by Herald Sun

The best bar in Regional Victoria! Yep, that’s right. We ranked in the number one spot in a competition conducted by the Herald Sun. Receiving the most votes, the Cheeky Goose Cafe was crowned best bar in Regional Victoria 2021 – no surprise to any of us! With more than 220 spirits in store, it’s our wide selection of drinks and innovative menu that makes us one of the must see destinations in Phillip Island.

Why We are Crowned as the Best Bar in Regional Victoria

Supporting Local Hospitality

As everybody knows, Covid had a huge impact on the entire country. The hospitality sector was, however, hit particularly hard. With indefinite closures and constantly changing restrictions, we faced an uphill battle that really tested what we were made of. Always looking to use adversity as an opportunity, the Cheeky Goose Cafe took the down time to curate a new menu. We wanted to bring together something special for our customers that put a spotlight on local produce in a new and exciting way.

Simple Food Made Well

Here at The Cheeky Goose Cafe, we keep things simple. Our philosophy is to hero the high quality ingredients. We do a lot of in-house experimentation with gin, vodka and other liquor infusions in order to create completely unique combinations. Our owner, Rob van den Brink, opened the Cheeky Goose Cafe over seven years ago. Using his experience as executive chef at the Portsea Hotel and European background (Rob’s Dutch and German), Rob creates a unique cuisine that makes sense in modern Australia. Being a professional chef allows Rob to create drink combinations and infusions that are both unique and delicious. Developing flavours in a way that only a true professional can, he’s the creative force behind our food and drink menus. Our Grand Patron Margarita, for example, is a fresh and zesty creation that sings of summer. For Rob, balance is the key to any flavour profile, whether it’s a hot soup or a cocktail.

Cheeky Island BrewerY

Cheeky Goose Cafe is lucky enough to have access to our very own brewery. The Cheeky Island Brewery creates many customer favourites, like our Apple Cider made with Gippsland apples and our much-loved Maris Otter barley malt & Munich white malt Pale Ales. Our bar is always fully stocked with the finest local and international beers, wines and spirits.

Best Bar in Regional Victoria

If you’re in the Phillip Island area and want to experience the best bar in Region Victoria, come on down and say hello. You won’t be disappointed by the selection of food and drink on offer, giving you a taste of modern Australian cuisine and an inviting selection of drinks. No trip to Phillip Island is complete without experiencing the delicious delights of the Cheeky Goose Cafe. Contact us to make a booking today!